Welcome to my blog, where I write about topics concerning sustainability.  I’m specifically interested in exploring the balance of equity, economy, and the environment by using new, interactive forms of communication to discuss sustainability in a holistic manner.

My understanding of sustainability is that solutions go far beyond simply switching to new fuels that only encourage growth in consumption, and deal instead with changing all facets of our daily lives.

This blog began as a place to house my culminating project from my graduate work at Portland State University, where I studied the collaborative effort between the City of Portland and the community to update the 2000 Mt. Tabor Master Plan (you can peruse each of the 11 chapters beginning with the Introduction below as the original entries).

My findings question how equitable traditional collaborative efforts are, and conclude that new methods of communication (wikis, blogs, cellular phones) should be explored to expand collaboration among diverse groups to create a better product.

Ultimately, this blog is my contribution to expanding collaboration.

Enjoy… and interact.