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Yesterday, Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) released their budget request in which funding for safe routes to school, bike boulevards, and other bike/walking projects were cut or went unfunded.

Below is my letter to the Mayor and Commissioners. Please call or email them and let them know about your transportation priorities.

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One of the first actions I took when I began to question society’s faith in a growth economy and realized the hazards of dwindling natural resources was to switch my transportation method from relying primarily on a vehicle to relying primarily on my bike.  Getting into the habit of jumping on my bike was a welcome solution and I had little trouble with discarding my car… most of the time.  Occasionally, whether the air was a little too crisp, the rain a little too heavy or the desired destination a little too far away for my taste, the convenience of a car won out in the battle of transportation options.  Working and attending school downtown, where parking is at a premium, having a vehicle was not a feasible option.  Having my bike as the only option for transportation transitioned me into having a greater appreciation for two wheels and pedals.

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