I received a survey late last week from Portland Parks and Recreation asking for help in prioritizing services to help them plan for budget cuts.

“As we all know – the economic downturn is hitting us all.  Portland Parks & Recreation is planning for significant budget cuts in the next several years and needs your help.

Parks will be using our feedback to plan their budgets accordingly and I urge you to fill out the survey.

However, I think it’s a poor survey. Actually, I think it’s a poor budget cutting process. Though I’m sure that our input will help Parks prioritize, they’re merely moving numbers around on a spreadsheet which only encourages furthering this broken system.

The economic downturn is hitting us all, and we need solutions that aren’t the same old, same old. Acquire land and keep acquiring land – but keep it open, keep it wild, keep it protected. Swimming pools and art classes are wonderful, but they’re expensive investments that have been created to entertain a society that has done away with nature.

Let’s prioritize wisely. And Parks, if you’re reading this, re-vamp your survey (at least put a comment section in it).