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After a year of collaborative work, the Mt Tabor Central Yard & Nursery Planning Group had the opportunity yesterday (12/17/08) to present our proposal to Portland City Council cocerning our plan for updating the central maintenance facilities and nursery.  Much has been written about this process – a lot that is available on this blog (specifically in my Master’s thesis project for Portland State University), so I need not rehash many of those issues. But there are two things about yesterday that I feel that I need to point out.

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This is just a blog – just one man howling in a sea of wolves (in all the wolf forms – patriarch, matriarch, pups, etc. – all that is beautiful about wolves). And I’m not even howling – just pointing towards the obvious in a time where the obvious makes the MOST sense, but no one considers it.

Dear Mr. Mayor Elect Adams… From your communique:

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I received an email request last week from Sam Adams, Portland’s Mayor-Elect, asking for Portlander’s advice on ways our region can capitalize economically by introducing sustainability to China. Adams leaves September 4th for a two-week trip to China hosted by the National League of Cities to discuss green practices and energy efficiency.

“Supporting China in its efforts to become sustainable is not only a moral imperative; it is also an economic opportunity.  One of the goals of the trip will be to place Portland and its businesses in a strategic position to benefit from the ‘greening’ of China,” says Adams. (For text of the entire email, please read It’s Time for Portland to SELL more good and services TO China)

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